QLC Solaris 10 unhappyness

QLC 137137-09 broken 3rd party QLC driver

your have just upgraded to U6 or installed the 137137-9 kernel patch

and you are  presented with this :

Rebooting with command: boot
Boot device: /pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/disk@w21000004cf78e2e1,0:a  File and args: -F boot_archive
SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_137137-09 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
SUNW,qlc: no major number
Cannot load drivers for /pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/disk@w21000004cf78e2e1,0:a
Can't load the root filesystem
Type  'go' to resume

Hmm worked before !

here is the fix : boot from an Alternative source and uninstall SUNWqlc and SUNWqlcu

look for a 3rd party driver and uninstall it if it's there

The following package is currently installed:
   QLA2300  QLogic QLA2300 driver
            (sparc) Solaris, Rev=5.03

Do you want to remove this package? [y,n,?,q] y

## Removing installed package instance <QLA2300>

This package contains scripts which will be executed with super-user
permission during the process of removing this package.

Do you want to continue with the removal of this package [y,n,?,q] y
## Verifying package <QLA2300> dependencies in global zone
## Processing package information.
## Executing preremove script.
## Removing pathnames in class <none>
/.alt.s10u6/opt/QLogic_Corporation/confbkup <non-empty directory not removed>
## Executing postremove script.
## Postremove -- starting rem_drv command
## Postremove -- reboot client to remove the driver binary
## Updating system information.

Removal of <QLA2300> was successful.

now remove SUNWqlc and reinstall it

pkginfo -R /.alt.sol10 |grep qla

pkgrm -ER

pkgrm -R /.alt.sol10 SUNWqlcu SUNWqlc

and from a u6 install cd :

pkgadd -R /.alt.sol10 -d /Solaris10/Product/ SUNWqlc SUNWqlcu

reboot and you upgraded/patched system will be online