Misc Tips

Other things  


display groups

symdg -list

symdg -g <group> query [-rdfa]

look for invalid tracks on R1 and R2 if grater than 1000 - a special sync procedure must be used 

examine cache and link for possible issues

under the links section look for NR also

Restart SRDF Replication

symdb -g <group> esta

dont use if the invalid tracks are too high , switch in a different mode and allow to copy then switch back to async

Expect script to reboot a sun ilo



# Version 1.0

# by Patrick Schmid


spawn ssh root@[lindex $argv 0]


expect "Password:" {send "password\r"}


expect "> " {send "reset /SYS -script\r"}


expect {

        "Performing" {puts stdout "\nDone"}

  default {puts stdout "\nError"}