linux san musings

Send the rescan command and check the LUN count update:

# echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host2/scan

Display HBA and SCSI details using systool:

To examine some simple information about the Fibre Channel HBAs in a unit:

# systool -c fc_host –v

To look at verbose information regarding the SCSI adapters present on a system:

# systool -c scsi_host –v

To see what Fibre Channel devices are connected to the Fibre Channel HBA cards:

# systool -c fc_remote_ports -v –d

For Fibre Channel transport information:

# systool -c fc_transport –v

For information on SCSI disks connected to a system:

# systool -c scsi_disk –v

To examine more disk information including which hosts are connected to which disks:

# systool -b scsi –v

Use the sg_map command to view more information about the SCSI map:

# sg_map –x

To obtain driver information, including version numbers and active parameters:

For Qlogic HBAs:
# systool -m qla2xxx –v

For Emulex HBAs:

# systool -m lpfc –v