Jumpstart Woe's

I find many customer have interesting networks - esp. when i am jumpstarting clients on them ;)


Boot Net - force Duplex and speed

The only way that I’ve gotten the duplex to be accepted is that it’s the first parameter and the speed is second.
boot net:duplex=full,speed=100 - install
boot net:duplex=full,speed=100,dhcp - install


When debugging boot issues pay attention to the source of the bootp reply messages

i have found a few clients have "interesting" san switch equpment what answer bootp requests , thus foxing the would be jumpstart client.

JET Metasets

I was working at a site that had a requirement for zfs roots AND metadb's on root disks (to allow metasets)

Jet had to be hacked to allow this "feature"

Add this to line 321 of /opt/SUNWjet/Utils/solaris/populate_client_dir

#ugly hack to force a slice 7 even on zfs so we can use metasets

echo "filesys c0t0d0s7 100 \nfilesys c0t1d0s7 100" >> ${CLIENTDIR}/profile